Blockchain financial supply chain (incubator)

Application landing is the future development direction of blockchain

Pain points of traditional underground palace project investment

Geographically restricted investment

Xiaode Real Estate and traditional commercial real estate have similar “land acquisition rules and regulations” and are more standardized. Compared with today's transparent commercial real estate, Xiaode Real Estate is currently in the early stages of the industry and has better privacy, scarcity, Is a blue ocean market to be developed, undoubtedly Xiaode Real Estate is a monopoly industry

Long investment cycle

Xiaode Real Estate is an investment in the physical industry. It has a long period of return on investment, but it has low risk of owning fixed assets and avoids the risk of blood loss due to false investment. In addition, factors such as the future upside of the industry and regional monopoly projects will be more than conventional The real industry gets greater returns.

High investment threshold

At present, because Xiaode Real Estate is in the early stage of the industry, the market penetration is low and the market capital is narrow. Its current active capital field is closely watching industries with high periodicity such as cutting-edge technologies such as mobile Internet and AI big data. The investment intention is relatively low, and the intentional investors are limited by the narrow market propaganda and low audiences, and missed a period of rising wealth.

Monetization is difficult

The later profit model of the Xiaode Real Estate project is similar to the commercial real estate. The sales of "Xiaode Real Estate" continue to recover the investment costs. Its timeliness and operationality play a vital role in the rate of capital return. In the future, we believe that the business model of Xiaofo Chain will allow Xiaofo Real Estate to get out of trouble.

Current Status of Filial Pie "Real Estate" Market

The unique advantages of underground palace burial

Project Introduction

The filial piety chain is a public application chain that focuses on the creation of filial piety and cultural tourism industry entities. Based on the Ethereum main chain in the blockchain technology, the application section is built. In the future, the Xiaofo chain will invest in a number of landing projects that have the right to own net assets, build a small cultural tourism industry ecosystem, and let the investment return to the entity. In the form of a financial supply chain that empowers entities through project tokenization, the implementation of physical hematopoietic carrying projects is achieved, and the specific ecological projects are used to promote the future ecological construction and development of the Xiaofo chain.

Ministry of Civil Affairs announcement: support for ecological burial policy

Blockchain financial supply chain (incubator)

The development of the Xiaofo chain system is based on the technical standards (based on the second-generation underlying algorithm and semi-centralized mechanism) advocated by the Global Blockchain Academy, which is in line with the regulatory direction of digital assets in various countries. The Xiaofo chain is a strategic support technology for the financial supply chain. With the blockchain as the core, an encrypted digital technology system is constructed. The Xiaofo chain technology can establish a multi-joint joint, multiple institutions, and different regions. Distributed ledger for asset sharing. The assets recorded in this ledger can be financial or non-financial assets, physical or virtual assets. Its ultimate goal is to use blockchain technology as the core to create an international public chain that serves the incubation and operation of many Zhongxiaode cultural tourism projects.

Financial-grade blockchain system

The Xiaofo chain is a public blockchain network for the financial supply chain. Unlike the traditional Bitcoin blockchain, our development goal is to build a financial-level blockchain system.

Project Introduction

Technical team and organization

Project progress and planning

  • September 2017

    NBB project established

  • December 2017

    NBB Foundation

    Operating Project Theme

  • May 2018

    Finalize detailed project preliminary plan

  • July 2018

    Agreement design, white paper revision

  • September 2018

    Main chain architecture design

  • February 2019

    NBB sets up operations team

  • June 2019

    NBB sets up operations team

    Develop an operating plan

  • August 2019

    Formation of NBB logistics support

  • December 2019

    Establish China Typography Office

  • March 2020

    Complete Cornerstone

  • April 2020

    Successively launched the world's top ten exchanges, listing miners

  • May 2020

    Project market operation and mining

  • May 2021

    R & D and listing of the main chain

  • July 2020

    Main chain technology research and development and regional chain technology landing application

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